Mommy Yoga

Mommy Yoga
By:  Wendy Ray

Mothers to be know pregnancy puts the body through a lot of changes and it's important to keep a close eye on everything they're doing, i

ncluding exercise. Expectant moms don't want to over do it, but they don't want to stop being active either. Yoga is a good way to get some exercise, without overdoing it. A lot of men and women do yoga
to calm their minds and gain some muscle tone, but for moms to be the benefits go way beyond those things.

Laura Barber is just beginning her ninth month of pregnancy. She did yoga before she was pregnant, but now it's much more to her than just exercise. "It helps me clear my mind and think about things I need to be thinking about, my baby and my breathing," Laura says. Instructor Tracy Curtis, who's six months pregnant, says this class at HealthPoint Fitness is similar to a traditional yoga class, but it's modified to protect moms to be and their babies. "It's good for the body, it's gentle. It's easier to keep and continue to build your muscle with yoga because you can keep your heart rate lower and still protect your body," Tracy says.

Yoga not only helps expectant moms, like Laura, focus on their breathing. It can also help with ease back pain, nausea, and increase stamina. Yoga can also help you slow down and take it all in. Moms to be have a lot of changes going on in their body. Laura plans on continuing her yoga routine after she has her baby in late July. "Just calm yourself. Instead of thinking one, two, three, with reps," Laura says.

The yoga class is also for moms after they have their babies. If you are pregnant and thinking about an exercise program, talk to your doctor before you start anything.