Local sheriff issues warning about drowsy driving

Local sheriff issues warning about drowsy driving

PERRY COUNTY, IL (KFVS) - The sheriff of Perry County, Illinois has a request for drivers: please don't drive if you're tired.

Sheriff Steve Bareis wrote a letter and in that letter he said, "I write this with a heavy heart and with sorrow to report that was have had three deaths on State Highways here in Perry County in the last two weeks."

Bareis said the one common denominator in all three crashes is drowsy driving.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, current estimates range from two to 20 percent of traffic deaths every year are attributed to driver drowsiness.

They can happen at any time, but according to the NHTSA, they happen most often late at night, in the early pre-dawn hours, or in the mid-afternoon.

Bareis recommends that drivers pull over and walk around the car if they're feeling tired. Or, get out and get something to eat or drink. And, if all else fails, Bareis said drivers should stop and sleep in the car for an hour.

He ended the letter by writing, "Please use good judgment when driving. We all have to share these roads in our daily lives. I want you to make it home safe and sound!"

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