Auriculo Therapy

Auriculo Therapy
By:  Wendy Ray

Losing weight and quitting smoking, two things a lot of people struggle to do,

and they try a lot of different things! There's
a very different type of therapy, that's definitely non-traditional, called auriculo therapy that may help you. Auriculo therapy is a form of acupuncture without the needles. Two Heartland people who have had it done say they're shocked by the results.

Elsie Penfield and Robert McAtee came to a point they knew their lives had to change. Elsie's goal; to lose weight. Robert's goal is to quit smoking. "You name it, I tried it," Elsie says. "Everything you can think of, patches, gum," Robert says. After several failed attempts, Elsie and Robert found something they say works. It's called auriculo therapy. Elsie's lost weight. "I've lost 20 to 25 pounds. I'm getting into clothes now I couldn't get in two months ago," she says. Robert hasn't had a cigarette in more than a month. "It was like I've never even smoked a cigarette in my life. No desire, urge. It's amazing," he says.

You're probably thinking, this sounds to good to be true. Chiropractor Justin Bell, who does the procedure, says it's pretty amazing to him too. "I'm a real skeptical person. I had to do it for a while before I believed it myself," Dr. Bell says. It's all done through your ear. "I have a probe that is administering microcurrents on different points which are nerve endings coming to the surface of and through your ear. It's treating different nerve endings and you're affecting different areas of your brain," he says.

Elsie's going through a series of three treatments for her weight loss. It only took one time for Robert to quit smoking. Now he's doing it to lose weight, just like Elsie.

One session is 150 dollars. Auriculo therapy for weight loss and smoking is not covered by insurance, but for pain management and several other conditions it is covered. For more information, contact Dr. Justin Bell at 573-243-8164.