Pit Stop

We try a do-it-yourself windshield repair kit, called Pit Stop. The $13 kit claims to permanently repair broken windshields in just minutes, and be five times stronger than glass. Pit Stop promises to fix knicks, bull's eyes, stars, and cracks up to eight inches. We try it on a common rock chip that has a handful of spider veins running from it, about the size of a quarter overall.

Frst, you need a shady spot to apply it.   Then you clean the broken area with a clean, dry cloth. Don't use water because the crack needs to be dry inside and out. They even provide you with a handy push pin, to clean debris from the splinters.  Next you center a little, spongy, tape donut over the broken area.  Longer cracks, up to 8 inches, have to be done separately by hand. If using the donut, you get a plastic 'injector pedestal, as its called.

We check for a tight seal, then begin gently squirting the repair gel into the crack.   It says we need to repeat this soft pumping until we don't see any more air pockets, when looking at the crack from inside.

After we get it filled up, we let it sit for 15 minutes, then remove the donut with a razor blade.   Now we have to cover the repair area with plastic food wrap, and let it sit in the sun for another 20 minutes.

One final cleaning of the repair area, using the razor blade to smoothe away excess chemicals, and it's supposed to look as good as new.  And be five times stronger!  But we look closely, and can't see much difference. However, Pit Stop never claims to make your windshield look new.

So we feel it, and you can't feel much difference, either!  There is still a pit in the windshield.  The center is a little filled in, but the spider veins are still there.   And I don't see anything to stop them from spreading.

So  I feel Pit Stop is pretty much the pits, and give it a 'D.'