Piranha Patrol

Piranha Patrol
By:  Wes Shirley
Harrisburg, IL -- We've all heard stories about the one that got away. This time however, a Harrisburg fisherman made a very unusual catch of the day.
"I was shocked, it's truly my oddest catch ever," says Paul Waide, "I was reeling it in and thought 'wow this must be a big fish...then I saw it and was like wow, that's a piranha!"
An Illinois Department of Natural Resources officer confirmed Waide's observation.
"I've caught bass, catfish, just about anything in this strip pond, and now a piranha," says Waide.
The pointy toothed fish is native to South America, Waide guesses someone probably dumped it into the water somewhere in Saline County. Since then, it's fed on other creatures swimming around under a pond, that is until Waide's bait of chicken hearts and gizzards helped catch him, hook, line, and sinker.
"I was amazed," exclaims Skip Sims, with the Garden of the Gods Taxidermy, "I've done elk, moose, deer, all kinds of fish, but never a piranha."
Sims will see that the fish is freeze-dried to properly preserve it, after that, it'll stay on display in the Harrisburg taxidermy.