Meadow Heights R-II School District votes to reject 4-day week

PATTON, MO (KFVS) - How does a four-day work week sound? That could have been a reality for students and staff in the Meadow Heights School District tonight.

On one hand, the school board thought four day weeks would be beneficial, but some parents weren't buying it!

The possible switch gave way to more than a few questions from worried parents.

Things got heated when some parents started to ask Meadow Heights superintendent and school board how a 4-day school week could affect their child's learning.

Meadow Heights School superintendent John Wiggins says he believes making the switch is the answer to parent's questions.

Wiggins says the school board has been planning this switch since last fall.

"The problem with us is we don't have the industry and so we need to come up with some creative ways to generate more income," Wiggins says.

Meadow Heights has about 500 students and 80 people on the faculty and staff.

He says they went through a few options, but found cutting the school week by one day is the best choice.

Though it may seem like a good idea to some…not everyone was on board.

Wiggins says he understands parent's concerns, but believes funding will be cut from public schools, so now is the time to get ahead.

"We know the dollars are going to hurt and the things is how do we reinvest in our school so that we offer the same quality programs that our competitors in larger places have, and that's what we're looking at for the four day."

However, the school board voted not to accept the shorter week proposal in a 7-0 decision.

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