Park Ranger Rescue in Marshall County

Park Ranger Rescue in Marshall County
By: CJ Cassidy

AURORA, KY --It's a true story of survival. Beverly Copeland says a man forced her to drive from Paducah's Executive Inn toward Marshall County, Saturday afternoon.

She says the suspect sexually assaulted her, threatened to kill her and put her in the trunk of the car. But Copeland took control of the situation once she got behind the wheel again, with a little help from a Kentucky State Park Ranger.

"He keeps saying I'm the hero, he's the hero," Copeland says, adding that Ranger Chris Evans was in the right place at the right time.  "He saved my life there's no doubt about that," she says.

Copeland's terrifying ordeal began when she met with a former co-worker, 55-year-old Michael Adams, to talk about starting up a business together.  But Copeland says Adams pulled a knife on her as soon as she got into her car, and made her drive towards Aurora.

"The whole way from Paducah to Mayfeld he was touching me in places he shouldn't be and making me touch him. He said he had six months to live didn't have anything to lose," Copeland remembers.
In the meantime, she couldn't stop thinking about her son.
"He's 12 years old he's real athletic, and I had to figure out a way to get back with my family," she adds.
That's where Ranger Evans came in.
"The only logical thing was to act like I was going to hit him. I figured that would get his attention," Copeland points out.

"I saw this young lady running to my police car and she's screaming saying he's gonna kill me," Evans recalls. The retired police officer immediately sprang into action. "I had my weapon pointed at him saying put your hands in the air," he says, but says Copeland is the real hero, not him.

Copeland doesn't agree with that, but has some advice to give other women out there. She says be cautious, and always keep your guard up.

She says she plans on taking on another business venture and moving on with her life.
Michael Adams meanwhile, faces kidnapping and sexual abuse charges.