3/12/17 - Sports Facilities

By Scott Thomas
KFVS12 Vice President and General Manager

For folks that live and work in the Cape Girardeau area you have probably noticed the city has been busy moving lots of dirt with several construction projects around the city. Most notably is the recently completed Capaha Field upgrade. If you have never been, it sits off Broadway in the heart of down town and serves as the home of the SEMO Redhawks and Capaha baseball teams.

The renovation project came with a nearly two million dollar price tag, which is a significant investment for any city to make. The large bill is being split by the University and the City of Cape Girardeau. We support this cooperative effort and feel it will offer valuable benefits to the teams and most importantly the area's economy and business.

The upgrades to the turf and facility will put this stadium on the map making it a regional destination and open the doors for more games, more tournaments, and more fans.

Another development in progress is The Cape Girardeau Sportsplex. It will provide another location which will draw teams, fans, and families.

It goes to show, that in the Heartland, sports means big business. These venues will draw teams from St. Louis, Memphis, Evansville, and beyond. And with each team that comes to town, and each tournament that plays in Capaha Park or the Sportsplex, more money goes into our local economy. Just one tournament can have an impact of hundreds of thousands of dollars on the economy as visitors eat in our restaurants, shop in our stores, and stay in our hotels.

So, its not just a fancy baseball park or indoor soccer field. It is a way to provide jobs and income and grow our local economy. Plus you get to enjoy a baseball game at one of the best fields in the area. But don't just take our word for it, go check out the Redhawks when they play at the improved Capaha Field.

I'm Scott Thomas and that's our ViewPoint.

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