This week in music: 1966 Green Beret

This week in music: 1966 Green Beret

(KFVS) - Let's step into The Breakfast Show's musical time machine and set the dials for this week in 1966.

These were the songs DJ's were spinning on the radio 51 years ago.
Billboard Magazine's Hot 100 had Bob Lind at number five with Elusive Butterfly.  The song was originally released as the B-side to Lind's debut single Cherly's Going Home.  That single went no where, but a Florida radio station started playing Elusive Butterfly and it became a regional hit.  Lind's record company later released it as the A-side as a single and it broke out nationally.

The Mamas and the Papas were at number four with one of their biggest hits.  John and Michelle Phillips wrote California Dreamin' in 1963 while they were living in New York.  The song was first recorded by Barry McGuire with John and Michelle singing background vocals.  The Mamas and Papas recorded their own version using the instrumental and backing vocals from the McGuire recording and adding a flute section.  If you have the original record and listen closely to the beginning,  you can hear McGuire's vocals on the left channel due to it not being completely wiped.

At number three was Herman's Hermits with Listen People. The song was featured in the movie When The Boys Meet The Girls and is on the soundtrack to the film.

Nancy Sinatra's signature song was in the number two spot.  Nancy recorded a promotional film for These Boots Were Made for Walking, which would later be known as a video.  That film was dug up and played on VH1 in 1986 on the 20th anniversary of the hit. It would be her only chart topping single as a solo artist although she did score a number one hit with her father in the 1967 duet Somethin' Stupid.

But in the top spot for this week in '66 was Sgt. Barry Sadler with The Ballad of the Green Berets.   With the Vietnam war raging it's one of the few songs of the 1960's with a positive view of the military.  It spent five weeks on top of the Hot 100 and Billboard ranked it as the Number 1 song of the year.  It was also a crossover hit, climbing to number two on the Country charts.  One hundred men will test today, but only three will win the Green Beret.

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