How you should prepare your greenery for incoming snowy weather

FRANKLIN COUNTY, IL (KFVS) - Your city may begin treating roads for snow in your neighborhood pretty soon - but there's something else you may have to think about come Saturday.

According to the owner of a plant shop in Franklin Co. Ill., plants like shrubs, trees, and perennials can stay where they are.

However, if you have flowering plants, ornamentals or roses, you'll need to take them inside or cover them.

"The snow alone should not hurt things... it's the cold, the freezing temperatures, or if we get ice. And you just have to watch your cultivars," said Dale Severin of Severin Garden Center.

Severin says that if you have any plants that are blooming, cover them - otherwise, the weather will burn the plants and the bloom.

Anticipating the weather, Severin put many of his plants, like the roses, in his poly house to protect them.

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