Cape Girardeau, MO residents weigh in on fear of self driving cars

CAPE GIRARDEAU, MO (KFVS) - Every time we get behind a wheel of a car it can be scary and for most Americans having no control of that car would make it even scarier.

78% of people surveyed say that riding in a a self driving vehicle scares them a little bit. That's the same number of drivers from last year's Triple A survey.

Some of the other questions asked were about how they felt about others with self driving cars and what they would want in their next car.

Half said they feel less safe with these vehicles on the road but almost 60% said they want self-driving tech in their next car.

One Cape Girardeau, Mo mother, Kelli Duncan, says the idea scares her still but she thinks its the way of the future.

"What's really crazy is you think about our kids I mean there's a possibility that they could not take the old school behind the wheel training we did," Duncan says. "They could learn to you know, sit in a car and not have to drive one."

Some self driving cars are currently on the market from a few different companies in their newer cars. This is good for the 10 percent of people from that survey who said they would feel much safer with that tech in their cars.

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