Heartland women rally in solidarity with "A Day Without Women" movement

CARBONDALE, IL (KFVS) - International Women's Day was celebrated in conjunction with A Day Without a Woman across the U.S. today.

In the Heartland, women dressed in red gathered together to show their support.

According to organizers, the goal is to highlight the economic power of women and address problems of discrimination and pay disparity.

One of the organizers, Marion Adams-Sai, says she took part in the event for the women of her past.

"I stand for my grandmother and all the work she has done," Adams-Sai says. "A part of this agenda today is to highlight how gender justice equals racial justice equals economic justice."

Roughly 100 women gathered at the Carbondale Town Square Pavilion in Carbondale, Il to rally.

Rally organizer Liz Hunter explains that the rally covers a number of topics related to equality.

"The rally that we are having today is a show in solidarity, and togetherness and showing that we are here for equal pay, reproductive rights and womens' rights of all types", Hunter says.

Hunter says she wants to see more women get involved across the region. "I want to see more action after this I want to see women come up and speak up I wanted to see people who are never involved before, get involved. Bring the energy."

Along with the rally, some business owners decided to shut their doors in solidarity, like Jen's Joe.

The owner, Jen LeDuc, says she was undoubtedly committed to taking action.

"Closing my business was a very easy answer for me and this is bigger than me, bigger than my business, bigger that anything," LeDuc says.

Some women decided to work instead of participate today as well, like Kylie West, bartender and server at Underground Barrel Room & Grill.

"A strong woman... is you're willing to take a stop back and say I need to do what is important for me and my family and take care of business at this point because you still have a life to live," West says.

At 4pm the women gathered back together to picket on the corner of Illinois Avenue and Main Street chanting, "This is what democracy looks like!"

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