Cairo Man Faces "Heinous" Charges

Cairo Man Faces "Heinous" Charges
By: Ryan Tate

CAIRO, IL -- Twenty year old David Sueing Junior, of Cairo,IL,  faces multiple charges for allegedly burning a 15- month old boy.
According to prosecutors, Sueing was looking after the boy, who is the son of his girlfriend. The incident happened June 11th.
"I got a call from a deputy Saturday night so I was prepared to see what was going on. It's a horrible thing for the allegations to come out," Pulaski County Assistant State's Attorney Shane Aden said. Aden is the "acting" state's attorney until the elected attorney returns from a tour in Iraq.
Aden says Sueing burned the boy with a flammable substance, and when the mother got home, she noticed something was wrong with the boy's nose. She then called police. When investigators arrived, they found burns on the boy's nose, as well as his scrotum.
"We have had cases of abuse of young children before but I've never seen burns like this no," Aden said.
Because Sueing allegedly used a flammable substance to burn the boy, he faces "Heinous Charges". Aden says those are filed when "great bodily harm" is caused by an explosive, corrosive, or flammable substance.
Aden says this is the second time in his four years with the state's attorney's office that "Heinous" charges have been filed.
Suing sits in the Tri-County Detention Center in Ullin, IL on a $75,000 bond.