Perryville church speaks out after losing member during deadly tornado

PERRYVILLE, MO (KFVS) - After the storm claimed the life of Travis Koenig, the church he went to is speaking out.

Koenig was a Perryville native and was killed while traveling in a car on Interstate FF when the EF4 tornado came through.

At a church service on Sunday, March 5, the destructive storms were on the top of everyone's mind.

St. Vincent de Paul's Father Milton Ryan spoke about those affected including Koenig saying that his loss will continue to touch people's lives.

Milton also said there's been a silver lining to the devastation.

"The stories that people are telling are not the type of stories that depress you," Ryan said. "They're the ones that lift you up. That in spite of their losses there's this sense of gratitude."

The church is collecting both supplies and money to help those affected and much like the rest of Perryville, they are helping with the cleanup efforts.

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