3/1/17 - Heartland Cares

By Scott Thomas
KFVS12 Vice President and General Manager

At KFVS12 we have a long-standing policy to provide non-stop weather coverage anytime there is a Tornado Warning anywhere in the Heartland. It's a commitment we make to keep you and your family safe. And Tuesday night's deadly storms are the very reason we have that policy.

Our hearts go out to those of you who were affected by the storms. Homes and businesses have been damaged or destroyed. And the loss of life is the ultimate tragedy.  In times like this we see the true spirit of the Heartland; neighbor helping neighbor with the cleanup, donating your time and money, providing support, offering your prayers.

These storms should be a reminder to all of us that it could happen anytime, anywhere. If you "dodged the bullet" Tuesday night, please remember your Heartland neighbors that are hurting today, those that have lost their homes, the family who lost a loved one. Please find a way to help. You may know of local agencies to work with. But the Red Cross is already on the front lines doing what they do best. And you can easily donate to help local victims by texting RedCross to 90999. Or CLICK HERE to donate at the local Red Cross web site.

You can also donate to the special United Way disaster fund by texting Perryville to 41444. Or CLICK HERE to donate at the local United Way web site

However you choose, please help. Because, as you've heard us say for many years, the Heartland Cares, and our neighbors need your help.

I'm Scott Thomas and that's our ViewPoint.

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