WATCH OUT: Fraudulent contractors, emergency crews want your money

PERRYVILLE, MO (KFVS) - As clean up and recovery continues across the Heartland, emergency officials have a consumer warning for you: watch out for fly-by-night contractors and fraudulent emergency crew workers.

The Perry County Sheriff says they have received reports of fraudulent workers in the area.

These people typically pop up to take advantage of the storm damage.

They make a quick buck by getting you to cut a check without having to do any work. Then, they're gone before you know it.

The Better Business Bureau says there is a tell-tale sign you are working with a scammer.

"If they use high pressure sales, they really want you to sign something today, pressure to give money today that's one of the big keys of not giving you enough time to think about it or have time to do your research on the company itself," Joey Keys with the BBB said.

The key: do your research before handing over any money.

Keys said you should get at least three bids from different contractors, compare them, and then make an educated decision.

"Consumers need to make sure that the contractors are qualified and reliable before they sign a contract or pay any money," Michelle Corey said, the BBB President and CEO.

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