KY Attorney General to transfer $30,000 to help end rape kit backlog

Attorney General Andy Beshear announced Monday, February 27 that $30,000 will be transferred from his office to the Kentucky State Police Crime Lab to help end the state’s rape kit backlog.
Beshear’s office along with lawmakers, law enforcement and advocates have worked to end Kentucky’s Sexual Assault Forensic Evidence kit or SAFE kit backlog since Senate Bill 63 was passed that directed over 3,000 untested kits to be tested.
The $30,000 would cover the cost of testing nearly 50 kits and Beshear expects to give KSP additional payments.
The money comes from interest accumulated from the Risperdal settlement. The Attorney General’s office accused Johnson & Johnson of dishonestly marketing its drug Risperdal to patients and the medical community in Kentucky.
Beshear already provided $4.5 million from the Risperdal settlement for Kentucky State Police Crime Lab upgrades to prevent the safe kit backlog.
“I am committed to securing justice for every victim whose kit has not been tested,” Beshear says. “Through good fiscal management, our transfer will test more kits and speed up that justice.”
The Attorney General’s Office is currently partnering to train law enforcement officials on how to conduct victim-centered investigations and prosecute sexual assault offenders.
Beshear’s office is sponsoring a conference for prosecutors April 11-13th on handling cold case sexual assault cases. 

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