Poplar Bluff church invites community and police officers to dine together


Finding a way to talk about our differences and similarities can sometimes be difficult, but those discussions are what make us come together even more.

At the Bridging the Gap Service, put on by the Mount Calvary Powerhouse Church down in Poplar Bluff, Mo., members of the church invited law enforcement as well as members of the Poplar Bluff community to the service on Sunday, February 26 to bring everyone together.

This was the second annual service where members from the community and members from the Missouri Highway Patrol were able to share their ideas and ways to better connect themselves.

Bishop Ron Webb says services like this will help people work through any issues.

"If the world see's more of this, that everybody is not up in arms with law enforcement.. we got to work together to reach a peaceful resolve and I believe through respectful dialog you can work through anything," Webb says.

Captain Vitale of the Highway patrol also says for the law enforcement it's good to build the relationships up before any problems could be caused rather than after.

Following the service the church had a meal ready for everyone in attendance as another way to engage in fellowship together.

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