Everyday Hero: Nicole Sullins

An evening out to eat for one Perryville family nearly ended in tragedy.

It was the quick action by this month's Everyday Hero that saved a young life.

"We came here for dinner to celebrate a friend's going away," said Misty Taylor.

Misty Taylor was out to eat with some friends and her 17-month-old son.

It was a fun evening until, "he started coughing and he seemed to be doing fine and then he took a deep breath in and lodged whatever it was in his throat," she recalled.

It was then Misty realized he wasn't fine.

She tried to clear his airway, but when he started turning blue she grew frantic.

"I got up and screamed for help and gave him to the first person who took him from me."

And that's where our hero comes into play.

"He was choking."

Nicole Sullins answered the call for help from across the crowded restaurant.

"I pushed her out of the way cause I realized I knew them," said Everyday Hero Nicole Sullins.

It was then Nicole recognized this family.

Their kids go to school together.

She grabbed the toddler and went to work.

"He was blue. He's too little to do the Heimlich," she said. "I did back blows and it worked. I had to do it 8-10 times but it came out."

Nicole is a mom, but more important to this story, she's also a nurse.

And as she said, it's that training that brought this little guy back from the brink of death.

"I told her if it was my child I probably couldn't have done it," Nicole said. "I'm just happy I was there and able to help."

So is Misty, who contemplates what would have happened had Nicole not been there.

"I mean I still choke up every time I think about it," Misty said.

But now, here they are.

Both with healthy young families and Misty with a deep appreciation for this fellow mom and Everyday Hero.

"I cried and I hugged her and I just didn't want to let her go."

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