Illegal immigration policies could affect Heartland families

CARBONDALE, IL (KFVS) - President Donald Trump called for new guidelines on Tuesday, February 21 for the immigration policies affecting those here illegally.

An immigrant with a criminal background or even a traffic infraction, could be at stake for deportation.

Cindy Buys, a law professor at Southern Illinois University, said the new deportation guidelines will affect families in the Heartland.

"I can say there have been immigration enforcement action taken place in southern Illinois in the last week," Buys said. "I have received phone calls from people locally, attorney or others who have friends or family members who have been picked up by the immigration service just within the last few days."

As a member of the Hispanic Student Council, Anna Hernandez has serious concerns.

"It's a fear, it's a genuine fear," she said. "This is tearing up families, literally tearing up families. This is a concern for our entire campus community. It's going to affect the way our campus...How our campus addresses this issue is a big deal to us."

Hernandez said she's fearful of the future but also hopeful in the sense that this is a wakeup call.

"It is a huge deal to us and is something that we won't let go," she said. "And we are going to keep working towards and keep fighting for because this is our families, these are our lives."

Cindy Buys said she has real concerns as well, she says, "I am concerned that the expansion of the expedited removal process and the focus on speed of removals more generally creates the potential that some noncitizens may be wrongfully returned to countries where they are likely to face victimization, persecution, or torture. I hope that the government will proceed carefully to ensure we do not make such mistakes."

Buys provided some resources. You can click here to read more.

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