Insects could be out earlier this year

CAPE GIRARDEAU, MO (KFVS) - It's earlier than we might have expected but it's time to start per-treating homes for pests, like termites and ants. Most pest control services have already started. Things like clearing brush away from your home and making sure bushes don't touch it will also help.

Some might think that because we didn't have a deep freeze like normal there will be more bugs this year but really we're just going to see them earlier.

"You know when you have a small ant colony it will thrive in this kind of weather," said Chris Horrell, owner of Bug Zero in Cape Girardeau. "Its wet and it's warm that's ideal conditions for insects. So there will be more insect pressure related to that for sure.

The bugs he see's the most are ants and termites around spring... and it all has to do with the warmth we're seeing.

But the best thing he said is to keep out these pests out of your home is to get it pretreated now and keep up with regular checks.

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