How to protect your plants if temps get below freezing

SIKESTON, MO (KFVS) - While we take in this good weather for the next few days, you may notice your plants start to bloom.

Some plants at Bizzle Nursery in Sikeston are even starting to bloom a lot earlier than expected.

The owner David Bizzell said this is because of warmer than normal temps during the winter months.

He said if you have outdoor plants you will more than likely see them bloom over the next few days.

Bizzell said the best thing you could do is enjoy it while it's there.

"You may lose those buds and the leaves that have come out," he said. "And as long as the secondary buds have not broke and are still present then the plant should be okay. But at this point we have no choice but to sorta embrace it and enjoy it and you know and chalk it up to those unusual years"

Bizzell said a frost protection blanket will help protect your plants if your they bloom and temps ever go below freezing again.

It cost about $11 dollars.

He said if the blanket isn't something you want, here's another thing you can try.

"There are some anti-transpirants on the market that will protect that will protect the bloom from a freeze or from these seasons as they advance early," he said. "It will help them from freezing possibly, never 100% effective."

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