Get Acquainted with Callwave, Google, & Ilor

Back by popular demand -- one of the most requested web-sites of all-time, featured on Heartland Fast Forward.   We got lots of calls when we first told people about Callwave.  We continue to get the calls, so here's what it's all about.  Let's say you're browsing the internet at home, tying up your only phone line -- missing calls, frustrating your family and friends.   You don't want to pay for another phone line, but you don't want to give up surfing either.   What's the solution?  CallWave.   Visit the Callwave web site ( ), and download quickly and for free their simple software solution. (Author's note 02-28-02: Callwave is no longer freeware. The company now charges a nominal fee for their software.)   Once it's installed, instead of getting a busy signal, your callers hear a greeting, then can leave a message that you hear over your computer speakers immediately. Even though the Callwave software is a free download, you will need to call your local phone company, and ask they for the add-on service called "Busy Call Forwarding".  It's about $7-$8 to have the initialize the service, and then an extra 75-cents/month added to your bill. Callwave works with all existing dial-up service providers or the America Online service.   Finding Callwave is easy....just type c-a-l-l-w-a-v-e in your favorite search engine.  There's only about a million search engines on the internet though, so which one works best?  Here at Fast Forward, we use only works on a formula designed by a couple of Stanford students that returns the result you're looking for almost always.   Now, a new company takes Google one step better.   Go to   They've paid license fees for the google search engine, but added some convenient features.   You can click on any one of four convenient options whenever you point at a hyperlink...any one of which makes you wonder why google didn't think of it first.  play around with it, and you'll find yourself coming back to every time.