Police Work is a Family Affair in Southern Illinois

Police Work is a Family Affair in Southern Illinois
By: Lauren Keith  

It's a story you'll only see on Heartland News.  Three men, all police chiefs, with the strongest of bonds on and off duty!

Lloyd Bosecker, SR. covers the town of Ullin Lloyd, Jr. heads up the police department in Mounds, and John just took over in Cairo.

While all three police chiefs admit there are similarities between their jobs, they do say they cover different amounts of crime.  As you'll soon learn, these three men do live by the same rule when it comes to work.

Lloyd Bosecker, Jr. claims he and his brother, John, talk on two-way radios frequently during the work day.  “ It’s nice.  If I have questions, I know he’s just a phone call away.  There’s been times when he’s given me a heads up on things,: said Lloyd Jr.

"Yeah, we talk a lot, and I know I have a backup right there.  We serve in towns so close to one another," said John.

Both brothers started in law enforcement, working as patrolmen, for their father, who was then Police Chief in Mounds.

Both Lloyd, Jr. and John say crime in their two towns is pretty high, at least, compared to the amount of calls they're father responds to, now, as chief in Ullin.

"Mounds is the biggest city in the county.  So, we have the biggest crime in the county," said Lloyd, Jr.

"Ullin is pretty quiet. We do have the interstate.  We also have substantially more money here," said Lloyd, Sr.

Because of those differences, the two sons often call their father for advice.  Lloyd, Sr. has been an officer for the last 24 years.  “My biggest influence was my dad. He’s why I am a cop,” said Lloyd Jr.

“It’s handy.  We all three work together, and it makes for a better relationship. We’re all in the same field,” said John, but Dad does have one rule when it comes to talking about work:

“When we’re at home, we’re at home.  When we’re at work, we’re at work.  No mixing the two!  That’s just the way we are!” said Lloyd, Sr and that attitude just might make Mrs. Bosecker’s life a bit easier. “Well, she’s stressed pretty bad!  She worries a lot!” said John.

While the two sons credit their father’s influence for attracting them to police work, law enforcement actually began in this family with Lloyd, Sr.’s father!  He once served as a Cairo police officer.  The family says Grandpa Bosecker also was shot during civil rights riots, in front of the old Cairo courthouse.  And, wouldn’t you know it, Grandpa is doing okay and serves now as a security guard in the deep South.