Marion, IL restaurant closed to support 'A Day Without Immigrants'

Marion, IL restaurant closed to support 'A Day Without Immigrants'
(Source: KFVS)
(Source: KFVS)

MARION, IL (KFVS) - An immigration protest has spread across our nation and one business in the Heartland decided to support and take action.

One business, Don Luna in Marion, closed on Thursday, February 16 in solidarity with the movement called "Day Without Immigrants" that has swept many big cities.

If you pulled up to the restaurant and like some people, looking to get a taco, well you were out of luck.

This Don Luna, one of three in southern Illinois, is owned by two immigrants from Mexico.

One owner, Nicolas Luna, came to the U.S. with limited funds in 2001 and a hope for a better future for their family.

"I have the same intention you have. I really think – you want better life for your family, I want a better life for my family. You love this country, I love this country. I love the great opportunities we get in this country," Luna said.

Even the co-owner of the restaurant, Juan Cortes, said, "It's not just us, it's people from all over the world that come to this country because this country is the best – to have a better future. And that's why we are doing this."

Their restaurants employee about 12 people and was built from the ground up by one of the owners himself.

One gentleman, John Pruitt, and his wife walked up to the restaurant in anticipation to eat dinner, until he saw the sign on the door. He describes his own feelings about the immigration policies, "I think they are making mistakes about how they are going about this because, while they may be here illegally, they've been doing honest work, trying to provide for the families. And they need to be worried about the terrorist who are slippin' in with the Muslim refugees, instead of people who have not been causing problems."

One of the owners said that even though they were closed on Thursday, they still prepared fresh food for an organization called TMAD, Inc in Herrin that feeds the homeless.

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