Beware: New scams hitting the Heartland

Beware: New scams hitting the Heartland

(KFVS) - Heads up!

There are new scams going around in the Heartland that could affect you.

In McCracken County, an owner of rental property told investigators she saw one of her properties on Craig's List for a much cheaper rate than what she had advertised on two other sites.

The add also requested that inquiries were to fill out a form if interested in the rental property.

The property owner said she is concerned someone is using her information as a cover on Craig's List in order to steal personal information. More than 10,000 people have reported falling prey to the so-called "IRS impersonation scam," according to the Treasury Department.

Many of the victims are seniors.

One  81-year-old man testified in front of lawmakers saying he was told by a scammer that he made an error on his tax returns and would be arrested unless he paid up.

He lost $8,000.

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