Large snake spotted in Perry Co. MO

Large snake spotted in Perry Co. MO
(Source: Joshua Wayne Vincent Schumer)
(Source: Joshua Wayne Vincent Schumer)

PERRY COUNTY, MO (KFVS) - If you're leery of snakes, this story is not for you.

Joshua Wayne Vincent Schumer sent us pictures of a large snake he spotted during a UTV ride over the weekend near Perryville.

He estimates the snake is eight to 10 feet long.

In his post, Joshua said he got within 20 feet of the snake and decided that was close enough!

He reached out to the Missouri Department of Conservation who identified the snake as a Black Rat Snake.

According to the department, the largest Black Rat Snake ever recorded was 84 inches long.

The Black Rat Snake is one of Missouri's largest and most familiar snakes, according to MDC.

They usually range in size from three and a half feet to six feet long.

You're most likely to find them in rocky, wooded hillsides or sections of woods along streams and rivers.

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