No Charges Filed

No Charges Filed
By CJ Cassidy

Johnson County, IL -- Here's an update to a story we first told you about back in February.
You may remember a home invasion in the Lake of Egypt area which resulted in the shooting death of 19-year-old Jeffrey Price of Marion.
Johnson County State's Attorney Tricia Shelton decided Wednesday not to file charges against 78-year-old Albert Rolens, because she doesn't believe he meant to shoot to kill.
"It was clear to me after I reviewed all the information that I felt the shooting was justified," Shelton says.

The Rolens woke up to find an intruder inside their Johnson County home.  The couple told police the man they later identified as Jeffrey Price had a gun on him.  "The Rolens are in their seventies and this was a terrifying situation," Shelton says.

At the time police were also investigating Price for rape and kidnapping allegations made by Rolens' granddaughter.
Shelton says Mr. Rolens eventually found his own gun and shot price to protect his wife.
"It was basically to stop Mr. Price from going after back and chasing his wife. That's what he was fearful of; that he'd get to her and hurt her when she was trying to call 911," Shelton explains.

Police say the rifle Price had with him was not loaded.  A Rolens family member called it a very painful experience.  Jeffrey Price's mother says she's glad it's all over with, she calls her son a loving and caring kid who she misses very much.