Newer form of drug on the streets of Marion, IL

MARION, IL (KFVS) - There is a new form of a meth on the streets in southern Illinois.

According to an official with the Southern Illinois Enforcement Group, this is the purest form of meth coming from Mexico. Authorities say they've seen an increase in the drug over the last couple months.

A former official and expert in the illegal drug trade, Tom McNamara, explained what that could mean.

"Finding a considerable amount of ice and interesting enough, this has been happening in the last two months, that probably means (there's a good possibility) that there's someone new in town," he said.

Just under one-third of the arrests made in the city of Marion in a week were meth related. Marion police say the drug is seeing a resurgence because the way it's made is changing.

Local narcotics divisions say they've dealt with small, local meth labs for a while, but fighting the drug is no longer as simple as finding the person making it.

One sergeant at Marion Police Department explained how he sees ICE more on the streets than the original methamphetamine.

"I think the more of it that's out there and it's much more available, the more users we are going to see..." he said. "I wouldn't say it makes it harder or easier, just different."

There were 39 meth-related arrests in Marion in 2016. So far in 2017, Marion police have already seen 12 cases. If that rate continues, then 2017 will see three times the meth-related arrests compared to last year.

Police say if you see anything suspicious or harmful to call Marion Narcotics Unit at 618-993-2124.

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