Tamms, IL man fends off feral dogs to save his own

TAMMS, IL (KFVS) - Some people in Tamms, Illinois say a pack of feral dogs pose a danger to pets and children in the small, rural town.

On Monday morning, one man said he fought off a pack of 12 dogs to save his own.

Authorities say Joseph Ashley's dog, named "Lucky," was attacked in his front yard.

Ashley said what appeared to be the "lead dog" of the pack latched onto Lucky and refused to let go.

Ashley was able to fend off the pack and save his dog, which has been in surgery all day to recover.

"I backed up, grabbed a piece of firewood, hit him with it, and then the whole pack took off down front street, down south," Ashley said. "We don't have any kind of program down here set up to get rid of them or helps with it."

"It's rather frightening," said neighbor Janice Parker, as she walked her own dog by Ashley's home. "Because it could be concern for the whole community."

Located in Alexander County, the Village of Tamms does not have access to a local animal control facility.

Ashley said the Illinois Department of Agriculture is trying to track down the pack.

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