Sikeston bakery owner 'devastated' by overnight burglary

SIKESTON, MO (KFVS) - The Knead Bakery is known for giving ex-felons another chance at life, but the owner, Chad Bles, said he never expected to be a victim of a crime at his own company.

"You would hope that it wouldn't happen, but I can't say that it surprised me either," Bles said.

"A huge rock had been tossed through our door and a POS system [iPads], our safe, the cash drawers were all gone when I arrived," he said.

Bless said the suspects got away with about $500 in cash and hundreds of dollars in equipment.

But it's what happened next that gives him a new sense of hope.

Shortly after making a Facebook post alerting his customers, Bles said their response completely turned his day around.

"Today has been absolutely overwhelming," Bles said. "The gentleman who does the door glass in our community, he called me before I could call him and within an hour or so that was replaced. The school has come together and placed a huge lunch order."

Kelly Rice is a teaching assistant at Lee Hunter Elementary. She said when her coworkers heard about what happened, they had to do something.

"It's very aggravating when someone comes in and causes so much chaos in an organization that's trying to do so much good," Rice said.

Bles said though the burglary is a minor setback, he doesn't have hard feeling towards whoever is behind the crime.

Here's what he has to say to whoever did it.

"You come and bring our things back and I would love to have a conversation," he said. "In fact, I told DPS this morning I would love for that individual to be a part of our team here and to work and discover work ethic and the fact that we don't commit crime for immediate gratification, but we work!"

As far as the rock used in the burglary, it's currently at Sikeston DPS in evidence, but Bles said he plans to put it on display here in what he plans to consider a rock of grace.

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