SIU: Beware financial aid email scam

SIU: Beware financial aid email scam

CARBONDALE, IL (KFVS) - The Office of Information Technology at SIU is warning faculty, staff and students of a possible email scam.

Officials are urging individual to not open an email with the subject line "Financial Aid Award Letter."

The email looks very real and asks those who receive it to click on a link to 'Access SalukiNet' and hides the actual url from view.

Officials are saying If you receive this or any similar email do not click on the link and delete the email immediately. The site has been blocked by the university and cannot be accessed on campus, but people are unprotected if they receive the email outside of the campus network.

Students who receive financial aid and want to verify any information they receive via email can go to SalukiNet and check the status of their account.

Officials say this might not be the only scam email out there. Beware of any suspicious "contact," which includes emails from an unknown source, emails that asks you to click on links and pop-ups or webpages that request personal information.

Alerts for known scams are posted here and also available on Twitter. If you suspect that you have fallen for a scam, please alert information technology at

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