Old coins stolen 45 years ago to be returned to owner

(Source: Mississippi County Sheriff's Department)
(Source: Mississippi County Sheriff's Department)

MISSISSIPPI COUNTY, MO (KFVS) - Mississippi County sheriff deputies found some interesting stuff after issuing a search warrant in January

A box of old coins dating back to the 1800s was recovered after they were stolen 45 years ago.

A Charleston, Missouri man moved away in 1972 to another state. He found out after he moved that his box of old coins he had been collecting had been stolen.

Mississippi County Chief Deputy Brandon Caid recently served a warrant to a person in Mississippi County in connection to a drug investigation. Inside the home, they found the box of coins in one of the bedrooms. The coins were seized and taken in as evidence.

Caid said the suspect told him that the coins were bought from another person recently.

Caid said the box of coins weighed about 35 pounds and had a variety of coins, medals and even an old dog tag. We are told there were about 1,000 coins and other items in the box.

Chief Deputy Caid noticed the dog tag had a couple of names and an address on it. He searched one of the names and found a match to a man that lived in Florida.

After reaching out to the man, Caid said he identified many coins and other items inside the box and he believes this man is the owner of the coins.

The coins date back as far as the 1800s. The variety of coins include silver dollars, dimes and pennies. Even coins from other countries such
as Germany and Mexico. Other items include collector coins, homemade jewelry and World War II medallions.

"Some of the coins are the type that you can take and sell, but a lot of them are the types that are heirlooms and keepsakes from trips that wouldn't have any extra value from someone who wasn't on the trip," Sheriff Cory Hutcheson said.

Caid said the man was happy to hear his coins were found. He plans on shipping the coins to the man in Florida soon.

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