Summer Time Troubles

Summer Time Troubles
By: CJ Cassidy

SIKESTON, MO --Officers often face dangers on the job, and violence escalates typically during the hot, summer months. Heartland police have already had their share of problems.

Police video from Sikeston, Missouri shows an officer facing a dangerous situation Sunday night, when he approached a large crowd gathered on the Southside of town.  The officer wasn't hurt but went home with some bruises, after chunks from a cinder block hit him in the knee.

Chief Drew Juden says he's never seen summer-time problems heat up to the extent it did this past weekend. "The officers reported one crowd they ran into was about fifty people and the other crowd consisted of about eighty people," Juden says.
Sikeston Weed and Seed Director Kenya Marshall agrees.
"I love Sikeston. I've been here all my life and when you see a place you grew up in go to this magnitude it's very disappointing," he says.
Marshall also worries about the children who live along Ruth and Branum, where the crowds gathered.
"A lot of these kids are very young and are witnessing a lot of things a child their age shouldn't be seeing with their eyes," Marshall says.
A 10-year-old we spoke with attests to that.
"I saw people throuwing bottles at the police; people aren't supposed to be doing that," he says.
"The answer is very aggressive police action that's how we're gonna deal with it," Chief Juden says.
City leaders plan on installing surveillance cameras in neighborhoods to see who breaks the law.
Meanwhile Kenya Marshall hopes residents work with police and city leaders to come up with a plan to help keep the young people of Sikeston busy, rather than roaming the streets.