4 ways to change up a push up

4 ways to change up a push up

CAPE GIRARDEAU, MO (KFVS) - A push up is a great way to work the upper body and core muscles.

What is so great about a push up is that there are a number of variations you can do. Making slight changes can really make a difference.

Local fitness Trainer Tamatha Crowson shared four ways you can change up the classic push up..

1.    Incline push up:

"A lot of people that can't do a full push up drop to their knees, which is fine, but you're not really engaging the core as much," Crowson said. "A way to fix that is putting your hands on something elevated. That takes some of the work load off, but you're still actively engaging that core and lower back."

2.    Decline push up:

"This is where you would put your feet up on a surface and your hands on the ground," Crowson said. "That puts a little bit more work load on the chest, works the peck muscles a little bit differently."

3.    Resistance push up:

Crowson said a resistance push up helps to intensify the stress on the muscles at you come up from a push up.

She says you start by taking a resistance band and putting it over your back.

"Hold it on the floor with your hands, you come down, and then as you come up, there's that resistance at the top," Crowson said.

4.    Push up on an unstable surface:

"You can have two medicine balls and have one hand on each, and that's quite challenging, or you can do just one hand and switch in the middle," Crowson said. "You have one hand on the ball. You can do these on your knees, but I prefer to do them on my toes. You come down, pass the ball to the other hand."

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