Heartland woman to visit with Muslim refugees in Germany

STODDARD COUNTY, MO (KFVS) - A Stoddard County woman is planning a trip to Germany to visit with Muslim refugees in a couple of months.

Skie Pinkley plans on leaving in May to fly into Germany with other members of her church.

Once there, she will visit with refugees from several countries, including Syria as well as Germans to see how they live and to offer them love and support.

"My personal goal is really just to love on people," Pinkley said. "Especially the refugees in particular. They've been displaced from their homes. They've had to flee their homes. A lot of them are really just scared. They haven't felt that unconditional love and that's what I really want to give to them."

Pinkley is part of a group from Ramp School of Ministry out of Hamilton, Alabama.

"It's all about teaching us how to be leaders in the church," she said. "And by the church I mean the world church and our faith. And when we're going over there for that service, we're putting that into action."

On this trip they will be able to host youth conferences and connect with refugees through these conferences and through soccer games and a tournament they have there for the youth and refugees.

"Nobody deserves to have everything that they know, and are familiar with, stripped from them due to war in their country," Pinkley said.

She said it is unfair for those refugees to have to uproot their lives in a moment's notice.

"I can't imagine having a house one day and then it being gone the next day or having to flee for my life because I could be dead the next day," she said.. "That's something I can't even really imagine so for them to have to go through that, no I don't think that's fair."

Pinkley said she feels a lot of refugees went to Germany due to open borders there were there. She feels it's complicated for those refugees to have many options, especially with the actions of the U.S. travel ban and other closed borders.

"I do think there is a hindrance on being able to reach people from those countries but at the same time I understand that our leaders are doing what they can for our country."

Whichever way people view the ban or struggles with refugees, Pinkley said she feels it would be nice to know what the refugees are going through personally.

"You hear everybody's opinions. You hear everybody's thoughts on it but it's going to be different being able to talk to somebody who is coming from that themselves. Who was in the situation themselves," Pinkley said.

For Pinkley, she thinks this trip is going to be enlightening for her and hopes to make an impact for the better for the refugees.

"I fully anticipate it being life changing."

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