Super Bowl Sunday fun food facts

Super Bowl Sunday fun food facts

(KFVS) - There is going to be a lot of eating Super Bowl Sunday.

According to, people will dish out more than $50 million on food the four days leading up to the big game.

Here are some Super Bowl food & beverage stats:

  • 4,000 tons of popcorn will be consumed.
  • Eight million tons of guacamole and 14,500 chips will be eaten.
  • 5,000 pounds of hot dogs will be sold during the game.
  • Beer sales will go up by $17.9 million during Super Bowl week.
  • Beer is the number one beverage for Super Bowl Sunday.
  • Fifty million cases of beer are expected to fly off the shelves this weekend.

The National Chicken Council says Americans will eat 1.33 billion chicken wings on Sunday alone!

And Nielsen crunched the numbers and found that shoppers will spend:

  • $227 million on potato chips
  • $13 million on vegetable trays
  • $10 million on deli dips
  • $89 million on popcorn
  • $58 million on deli sandwiches

The Super Bowl is also huge business for pizza places and sales are even better if it is a tight game.

Domino's Pizza expects to sell around nine million slices of pizza; while Pizza Hut is preparing for a 50% increase in the typical Sunday sales.

With that in mind, delivery drivers will spend a lot of time on the road.

Drivers will likely log about four million miles delivering orders Super Bowl Sunday.

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