Family, friends reflect on Pomona, IL brewery destroyed by fire

Family, friends reflect on Pomona, IL brewery destroyed by fire

POMONA, IL (KFVS) - While Illinois State Fire Marshal investigates, family and friends are reflecting on the up and coming family-owned brewery.

Family members say though their company is expected to be a total loss, they will try to try somehow to pick up the pieces.

"It is uhh, it's uh, I'm at a loss of words for it!" daughter of owners Madison Shanahan said.

Shanahan said that's how she feels as she looks at what's left of her family's company, Abby Ridge Brewery.

"I didn't know how to feel until I got here and then it was complete devastation," she said.

When they got here they found the building engulfed in flames and roof collapsed.

What is now burnt metal and charred wood was once home to a business that thrived for two years.

"For our customers, this was a place for them to go and escape their whatever they wanted to do," Shanahan said. "We were a very family oriented business and you knew that when you can in."

Family friend and customer Erik Suthers said he's heartbroken by their loss.

"They're all great people," Suthers said. "You couldn't ask for better people, the owners. Just being around them you always had life and had a good time. They put a lot of hard work into this place and a lot of hours, and it's just a shame."

Shanahan said though the building may be a total loss, she's happy that everyone is safe.

"It was good to know that it wasn't a family member and that no one was hurt!" she said. "Things can be replaced they are material and we will rebuild and be better."

There's still no word on what started the fire, but again fire marshals are investigating and we'll keep you update don any results.

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