Cemetery Concerns in Sikeston

Cemetery Concerns in Sikeston
By: Ryan Tate

SIKESTON, MO --A Sikeston family wants to know if they will ever have a headstone for their relative.
"It's very frustrating," Kristin Clark said.
Clark's Great-Aunt was Beatrice Hall. The 70-year old died in March of 2004. The family has a receipt for the $1,415 headstone, but has never seen the marker.
"My Aunt Susan and Carol called about 40 times over the last year, but with no luck, nobody calls us back or nothing," Clark said.
Family representatives said they purchased the headstone where Hall is buried, at the "Garden of Memories" Cemetery in Sikeston. They said they were told the headstone would be in place eight to ten weeks after they bought it in May of 2004. They're still waiting for it.
State Representative Peter Meyers (R-Sikeston) says he has received a minimum of four phone calls from constituents concerning the "Garden of Memories" Cemetery and two others owned by the same company in Southeast Missouri. Heartland News tried to contact the operators both locally and in other states, but with no luck.
"Whenever we go to the person who runs the cemetery, it's a local lady, she passes it up the line and nothing happens," Meyers said.
Meyers says he has been dealing with this issue for more than two years. He says he will try to put pressure on the company, but will not as far as offering legislation to force companies to deliver headstones within a certain time.