YUM! Most Googled dishes for the Super Bowl by state

YUM! Most Googled dishes for the Super Bowl by state
(Source: Google)
(Source: Google)
(Source: Google)
(Source: Google)

(KFVS) - For some, the Super Bowl is all about the game. For others, the commercials are the source of entertainment. But for real foodies, the game day dishes are the highlight of the day!

So, what recipes are people looking up to prepare?

According to Google, people in a lot of the country are looking for dip recipes.

That's the case in Illinois, Kentucky, and Arkansas.

In Illinois, cooks are looking up recipes for Buffalo Chicken Dip.

Across the river in Kentucky, Bean Salsa is the go-to recipe of choice.

Cheese dip is the most googled recipe for the big game.

Folks in Missouri want something a little heartier. Chili is the top searched recipe. Game day preppers in Delaware and Minnesota are with folks in the Show-Me State on that one.

Our friends in Tennessee are looking for something with a little heat. They're looking up recipes for Buffalo Chicken Appetizer.

What about beer? A lot of people also search for beer in preparation for the Sunday fan-fest.

In the Heartland, Ale is the go to search for people in Illinois, Kentucky, Missouri, and Tennessee.

Folks in Arkansas want something a little darker. They're looking up Porters.

So, what kind of recipes are you looking for?

Heartland Cooks across the region have plenty of game-day ready recipes.

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