Flu on the rise across the Heartland

CAPE GIRARDEAU, MO (KFVS) - According to Cape Girardeau County Public Health Nurse Vanessa Presley, influenza is on the rise as of recently.

These are Cape Girardeau County numbers only for the flu season. But the in last couple weeks, Presley said their has been a rise in reported influenza cases this season.

Presley said it's pretty typical to see an increase at this time of year.

Influenza A is about even.

  • 189 this year
  • 182 last year

Influenza B is down this year by quite a bit.

  • 27 this year.
  • 147 last year.

She said she feels one reason there are overall less cases might be because there are more people taking the flu shot due to more places offering it.

"I think more people are because in the last few years we've seen more different facilities offer the flu vaccine," Presley said. "We offer it every year at several different clinics that we have but there's a lot of other places in the last few years that started using the opportunity to give the flu vaccine to people."

You still have time to get your flu vaccine though if you want to. However, Presley wants to let people know that it will take up to two weeks before the vaccine takes full effect.

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