Heartland travel agent weighs in on travel ban

CAPE GIRARDEAU, MO (KFVS) - One travel agency in Cape Girardeau, Missouri is responding to the immigration travel ban that was implemented by President Donald Trump for certain Middle East countries.

Carolyn Sandgren (Kempf), Elite Travel agent, said the Heartland region hasn't been impacted too much as of yet.

However, she thinks there will be a trickledown effect that will eventually affect locals.

Sandgren (Kempf) said this ban happened very fast and didn't give people time to prepare.

"People buy their tickets nine months in advance is the norm so to be halfway in destination and to not be able to return to your country or to be stranded someplace is very unfortunate," Sandgren (Kempf) said.

There are people calling Elite Travel with concerns about these bans, but as of now those concerns have mainly been people just wanting general information, according to Sandgren (Kempf).

"We do have people calling us," Sandgren (Kempf) said. "They are concerned. They want to know where they can go to get the best information and again we refer them to our web page."

She said many just want to be informed about what's going on. Sandgren (Kempf) advises people to check out the warnings section in their resources menu or check out the U.S. Department of State's website.

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