Johnston City H.S. students help clean up vandalism

JOHNSTON CITY, IL (KFVS) - Johnston City police are investigating more than a dozen cases of vandalism across town, but while they look for the criminals a group of high school students took things into their own hands.

Mrs. Craig's 10th grade class at Johnston City High aren't accused of vandalism, and they aren't getting a gold star nor community service hours for their efforts. But that didn't stop them from spending dozens of man hours throughout the week scrubbing off vandalism.

Some even used a toothbrush.

Multiple vehicles, buildings and homes were spray painted and set on fire in the past week in Johnston City, and when the students heard about the first problems that were reported they chose to step up.

"It puts a bad light on our town and makes us seem like we're a town full of people who are disrespectful and don't appreciate the place we live," Mattie Rametta said. "We care about the town and community, and we respect the people who live here. We just wanted to do some community service to help the people who aren't able to help themselves

After the first day of cleaning, a Facebook post on the effort got some traction online.

That attention sent the students' bags of cleaning chemicals and other supplies.

The police department supplied the students with a list of graffiti from the crimes and helped them take action.

If you notice vandalism within Johnston City, you can call the high school.

Craig said the students are willing to return to work if need be.

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