Tips to protect credit card information from a financial officer

CAPE GIRARDEAU, MO (KFVS) - A recent spike in bank card fraud in the Heartland has some scrambling to replace stolen info.

But how can you better protect yourself in the first place?

Brittney Lee, Vice President and Chief Financial Officer with First Missouri State Bank, says in the last couple weeks they've seen a high amount of customers with fraudulent charges.

She says when making purchases, if possible, sign for your purchase rather than enter a pin number. That is one way thieves can access your account.

Also she says check for skimming devices before swiping in public places, like the gas pump.

But even taking all the precautions there's still a chance someone could get your information.

Third party credit processing companies are still susceptible to hacking.

"It's not necessarily taken at the place your card was swiped, it's taken at the processing center or the individual merchant that uses a small processor, that's usually were the security breach happens," Lee said.

The good news is in most credit card fraud cases the customer will be fully reimbursed.

However, depending on the circumstances, either the bank or merchant is responsible for covering the cost of the fraudulent charge.

The best way to keep your info safe?

Experts say to check your bank statements and check them frequently.

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