Marion, IL granted trial program allowing police to change traffic lights

MARION, IL (KFVS) - First responders say trying to get through a busy intersection on their way to a call can be a confusing, and possibly dangerous encounter for many drivers.

That's why police in Marion, Ill. want to install a new system in town to let them control the lights wirelessly, and take any doubt out of the equation.

City leaders say the corner of Court Street and IL 13 near downtown Marion will soon be equipped with this technology.

This week, the city council approved a measure that would put the city in a two month trial with a company out of Minnesota, installing these devices at three trouble intersections across Marion for free.

During that time, a few Marion police cruisers will be able to change the lights from red to green, and get traffic moving as quickly as possible, from up to a half mile away.

2015 numbers show around 12 hundred traffic accidents along this stretch of Highway 13, as well as more than 10,000 dispatched calls, within only a two month time span.

If the trial goes well and the council approves a purchase, the project would be paid for from the City's TIF program, meaning normal tax dollars would not be used, and no tax increase would be expected.

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