1/25/17 - Pets In Winter

By Scott Thomas
KFVS12 Vice President and General Manager

It's the end of January and I know it hasn't been much of a winter so far, but we all know that cold weather could set in at any time. And while we button up the kids and winterize the house from the cold, don't forget those family members who also rely on you to keep them safe from the freezing weather, our pets. I personally keep my pets indoors, but I am amazed at how many times I see the family pet left outside for long periods of time in dangerously cold weather.

Cold weather is a serious threat. Freezing temperatures can result in frostbite on the ears, tails, and paws. There are some proactive measures we can take such as pet sweaters and coats, which will really help the smaller animals with thin hair, and boots for their paws when walking in snow or ice. While larger and dense haired dogs are more suited for the winter weather, using common sense with all dogs, like keeping them inside as much as possible during freezing temperatures, can also go a long way in keeping them healthy.

A word of caution, you may have seen the story out of Florida, where a larger dog attached its owner after she tried to put a Christmas sweater on it. When attempting to put any clothing on your dog, if you feel the situation can become dangerous, stop immediately. And make sure the winter sweater fits. It will go a long way to keeping your family member warm and safe from getting trapped.

So, the next time the temperature plummets, let's be smart when it comes to our pets. After all, don't they deserve it?

I'm Scott Thomas, and that's our ViewPoint.

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