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Heartland high school class watches, learns about inauguration from the classroom

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One Heartland high school paid tribute to the 45th president during his Inauguration, joining many school districts across the country.

Even though school was still in session, students at Anna-Jonesboro Community High School were still able witness the historic moment.

One teacher at the school found a way to bring the Inauguration to life for her seniors. 

Students in Ms. Maze's social study class spent their classroom period watching Donald Trump being sworn in as one part of the social studies curriculum, which prompted many questions and interests.   

Hannah Maze, the Senior Government Civics and Geography teacher, prides herself on her style of "visual learning" in the classroom. 

The Inauguration of Donald Trump as our 45th President is an historic moment in our history and she wanted to make sure it makes an impression on her students.

Maze says, "That's the whole purpose of my class is to teach students not just about history and the dates and all these other things they will forget down the line, but it's more of taking part in our governmental system because they keep saying we want change, but then they don't know the process on how about to do that."

Her class started out by researching the presidential candidates, learning about policies, the electoral college, election process, and even doing  mock elections. 

"I think it's really cool that we all wanted to watch it. Like none of us were like 'no - I'm going to sleep and put my head down' which is [what would happen on] a normal class day. We were really intrigued to watch the whole thing," said Nara Ferguson, one of the high school seniors, especially since "we were too young to remember the last inauguration."  

Ferguson explains, "We wanted to know how big it was, and the process, why it was a tradition, what bible he was bringing - we asked a lot of questions." 

Several classrooms at the school viewed the Inauguration. Ms. Maze explained to her students the importance of the election process and how to create pieces of legislation and the importance of the inauguration.

Maze and her students even practiced creating real pieces of legislation for their own school policy to show them they, too, have a voice.

She says she has always had a dream to share her passion with the students and ignite their love in history. 

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