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Perryville School Dist. to propose tax levy increase to address overcrowding


After years of doing their best to deal with overcrowded schools, Perryville school leaders have come up with a plan that could show up on the ballot in April.

Middle school students walking through their crowded hallway really tells the story, there simply isn't enough room for all of them.  

Superintendent Andrew Comstock said it's been like this for a while.

"It's hard to get done from one place to another with kids in the way," Comstock said. "So it just wasn't designed to be a middle school, it was originally designed to be an elementary."

The overcrowding problem spills over into classrooms with reading exams being given in the hallway and teachers having to share space.

Counselors file cabinet are taking up space in the hallway and a Art teacher has to travel with a cart because of the limited space.

"We do everything we can," principal Mark Phillips said. "It's not ideal, but we make it work!"

"Originally this was the boys restroom and due to space limitation," Comstock said speaking of an old restroom. "It has been converted to a nurse's station and this is how we kind of had to make due with what we got."

Now school administrators believe they have come up with a plan to solve these problems.

They're proposing a 35-cent tax levy increase to make some small improvements and build three new buildings to house elementary and middle school students by 2021.

Comstock said with Perryville's population constantly growing, he believes residents will see the need and stand behind their public schools.

"Our schools are the center of our community and this county has always stepped up when they've felt there was a need!" he said. 

School leaders now plan to hold community forums starting on February 23.

To learn more about the plan and forums, click here.

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