Deadly Shoot out Kills Sheriff's Deputy and Local Man

Deadly Shootout Kills Sheriff's Deputy and Local Man
By:  Lauren Keith
LEDBETTER, KY -- A deadly shootout leaves two families mourning the loss of loved ones and police investigating the death of one of their own.
It was a gruesome discovery for a state trooper in Western Kentucky. When the trooper arrived at the scene of a domestic disturbance to find a Livingston County Sheriff's Deputy and another man shot dead.
It happened near the town of Ledbetter, about 11:20 Thursday night. Kentucky State Police say when Deputy Lynch arrived on scene, Joseph Calender fired eight rounds, four of them hitting Lynch. Between those shots, Deputy Lynch fired back one fatal shot.
Caldener's wife made a second call to 911, and just three minutes after that call a Kentucky State Trooper arrived and found the two men dead.
Investigators spent most of Friday at the crime scene. They found approximately 40 guns inside Calender's home, including assault rifles, a handgun, an illegal silencer, and a bulletproof vest.
Heartland News spoke to several family members and friends of both Deputy Lynch and Joseph Calender on Friday. They say, they're just too upset to speak on camera, but they want everyone to know how much their loved ones will be missed. Extended Web Coverage

Domestic Disturbance Facts
  • Police say, domestic disturbance calls are some of the most dangerous and most frequent they respond to in the Heartland.
  • Domestic disturbance calls are the number one situation police in Jackson County, Illinois respond to on a daily basis.
  • Heartland police say domestic disturbance situations become even more complicated and dangerous when kids are involved.
  • Most agencies try not to arrest parents in front of kids and if all possible, they try to remove the children before dealing with parents.