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The Six Million Dollar Man Anniversary

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It was on this date in 1974 The Six Million Dollar Man premiered on ABC.  

The Sci-fi action drama starred Lee Majors as an astronaut who was severely injured in an experimental plane crash. He is rebuilt with bionics which give him enhanced strength, speed and vision. The bionic enhancements cost about 6 million dollars.

The character Steve Austin became a pop culture icon in the 1970's.  The show included several other pop culture elements including the slow motion running, the line in the show's opening credits "We can rebuild him. We have the technology." The show spawned a number of toys and other merchandise.
The Six Million Dollar Man also led to a spin-off series titled The Bionic Woman and three made-for-TV movies. There's even plans in the works  to bring The Six Million Dollar Man to the big screen. 

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